Portrait Painting Dubai

Portraits are Faces Designed Through The Imagination of The Artists

It's intriguing to see how you can turn a person into a completely different one with a few strokes of the brush. Portrait painting doesn't define the beauty of the person being drawn but it defines the interpretation of the artists. And a strong portrait can captivate the viewer, draw them into the painting and leave them baffled. Such a strong impression can cause the viewer to wonder about the person depicted. Portrait art can be used to define a person's place in society, their hobbies or occupation, and even aspects of personality or beliefs. 

Portrait art can act as a biography of the person depicted and can tell a completely different story, one that is far from reality. But these portrait paintings can be sometimes used to convey messages and emotions that the sitter wants to depict. Portrait painting Dubai is the most famous one. 

Styles of Portrait Painting

There can be many types of portraits, they can be detailed or just rough strokes, they can be real or fiction.

You can use portrait painting to define reality or even an expression

They can also be a variety of other styles. The point is that they don't have to all look realistic. The effect a portrait has on the viewer is affected by the artist's choice of style. Fauvist, Dada and Cubist portraits will all look completely different and convey a different message.

Portrait art can play with colours or use normal skin colour

Colour schemes that are unusual or surprising can be used to powerful effects in portrait painting. It's a fantastic way to express emotion. See Picasso's portraits from his Blue Period or Van Gogh's self-portraits for more examples.

Portraits can be detailed or just a rough stroke of the brush

The brushstroke is another effective way to convey emotion in portrait painting. Delicate, detailed portraits frequently convey a sense of sensitivity and thoughtfulness. A portrait painter who uses rough, choppy brushstrokes approaches the subject from a different, more expressionistic angle. 

A portrait can depict a picture or just an expression 

Objects in the portrait painting reveal information about the person represented. While the face is frequently the focal point, the addition of other objects can frequently add amazing features to the artwork. Paintings that only show a person's face or body require the viewer to focus their entire attention on the person depicted.

Portraits can be three dimensional or just a drawing

The portrait can attempt to mimic reality by trying to make the figure appear sculptural as if it truly existed in three dimensions. Alternatively, the artist may experiment with the 2-dimensionality of the flat surface and create a portrait that does not attempt to arise from the picture plane.

Portraits may be complete or remain unfinished

Most people imagine fully completed portrait paintings to be covered in paint, all the way to the corners. They don't have to be, though! Choosing to leave large areas of the artwork "blank" can often result in some very interesting portrait compositions. It's a matter of implying what's there instead of demonstrating what's there. Like they are not telling a story but suggesting a story. 

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