1. Sonu Masih

    Sonu Masih

    I would like to thank Wao Rajesh Kumar ji that he made a beautiful oil portrait for my parents, I would also adviPencil portrait artist like him is the best portrait sketch artist, you will not find anywhere. He is one of the best sketch artists of Delhi. se others to make oil portrait or sketch pencil portrait from Rajesh Kumar ji, the best sketch artist in Delhi.

  2. Raj Masih

    Raj Masih

    Best Portrait Sketch Artist of Delhi, Rajesh Kumar I liked it very much, I will also advise others to make their sketch with Rajesh Kumar. Thank you

  3. Riya


    Friends, I was looking for some very talented portrait sketch art in Delhi, then I came to know that there is Rajesh Kumar Portrait Artist in Delhi, I went to them and they made my very beautiful pencil portrait sketch, I liked it very much, Rajesh Kumar Approaching. Thank you

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