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The pencil is a highly adaptable artistic material for artists. Pencil can bring all types of creative ideas to life, from rapid caricatures in a sketchbook to sophisticated landscape drawings. Any creative process starts with sketching or scribbling. Pencil sketch art is not a new thing but it has a vibrant history like any other genre. 

Pencil sketch artist in Dubai tries different techniques like smudges, silhouette challenges among other things to create their work. Initially, pencil sketches were rough drawings or paintings created by artists. The practice of using charcoal or graphite dates back to the 17th century. Abstract artists used plumbago drawings that were created using clay and graphite.

Pencil sketching is a trend 

Modern abstract artists are mastering the art of pencil sketching till now. Unlike in ancient times, when contemporary artists were only discovered after their deaths, the digital era and social media allow you to view talented contemporary masters in the present. Graphite drawing is hot right now, whether it's hyper-realism or surrealism, pencil sketch art is a rage.

A line is a dot that went for a stroll

Pencil sketches help in elaborating the drawings. Pencil sketches were regarded as the first and most important skill for every abstract artist. The pencil sketches and intricate drawings that develop from the first lines, created on whatever media the artist happens to come across first, are often seen as a part of the creative process.

But, today the world of pencil sketch artists and sketching art has evolved. The pencil sketch has been a trend and fad among emerging artists. Major scientific breakthroughs, the first medical experiment, and the first depiction of the human body all began with lines, sketches, and paper.

Storytelling is an art 

Storytelling which is the most loved form of art has started with sketching. These drawings help us understand complex things. Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches, as one of the most influential artists of the Renaissance period, foretold today's technological and scientific breakthroughs through his marvellous art sketches.

Da Vinci also made a lot of drawings and kept a lot of diaries, which were full of his experiments, anatomical sketches, and plans for his larger works. So, is it true that the beginning is less significant than the conclusion, or the final product? I respectfully disagree.

We have seen the development of mediums in which abstract artists work, and thanks to the nature of contemporary art that this has been possible to use different mediums. The value of the pencil sketch in the past, as well today is equally rewarding. It is not a medium to prepare but a form of expression that an artist uses to express his emotions.

A line has travelled several miles

The only thing that has changed or says evolved is the setting. The line which has taken a walk has travelled on many streets, buildings, and design work.


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