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Rajesh Kumar
Delhi's Best Sketch Artist

Rajesh Kumar

Hello, friends, My name is Rajesh Kumar. I have been born in Delhi city of India. Delhi city is also the capital city of India, my friends have studied in Kanat Place city of Delhi, friends, I had a passion to make sketch-painting since childhood. I used to make sketches from pencils in my childhood, everybody used to praise me after seeing my sketch painting; I used to be very happy, friends, when I was a bit bigger So do the work of the signboard painter who works on the board, the friends have done a life sketch when I'm a bit older, the live sketch I have done in a big place in Delhi like Pragati Maidan, Delhi - Delhi Haat - And I have sketched Life in a very large mall in Delhi, Friends I have also been employed in one of the 10 big companies in India. 

The time I have designed the stage and I have made the sketches of most of the film stars, such as movie star Tom Alter Kapil Dev and friends of other film stars have never done any work of art in my family, I am the Art Paintings work, friends love to make realistic movie - realistic sketch - realistic painting, I am very happy to make all these There are many people who come to me, who come to make their girlfriends - sketch-portrait - pencil drawing - so some people who are sketches of their sister, brother, friend, girlfriends, parents or grandparents I want to make friends, I make this portrait-sketch within a short time, sketch, portrait, painting, pencil, sketch, if you want to make me sketch portraits, then Please you can come and give me orders in my office, I will give you a very beautiful and cute little sketch portraits that very memorable, that you will as gifts.

Rajesh Kumar is one of - Delhi's best sketch artist, he has many years of experience, it works almost all kinds of artwork such as pencil sketch, colour pencil sketch, oil colour portrait, dry brush portrait, realistic portrait and live sketch Even if you come to them and make portrait, then this will also create a very nice portrait. Thank you.

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