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Rajesh Kumar - Delhi's Best Sketch Artist
Delhi's Best Sketch Artist

Rajesh Kumar - Delhi's Best Sketch Artist

I am Rajesh Kumar, a leading Sketch Artist in South Delhi. I became interested in fine arts at an early age and have been painting ever since then! When playing with colors as a child at the age of 10 or during my leisure time after school days which gave me a lot of happiness while making strokes on canvas was a very satisfying experience for myself too.. Recognition received from teachers motivated this passion even more so that's what made it possible now to focus fully on an art career.

I was fortunate to start getting invitations for drawing life-size sketches, Big Hoardings, and Posters after school. These opportunities led me into regular attendance at Art & Craft places like Dilli Haat or Pragati Maidan where I became well known among other artists who were also working on these projects!

I started my own studio in the year 2010 “Sketch for Gift” and since then I feel blessed to have worked on a plethora of projects with celebrities. My expertise includes preparing, realistic pencil portraits as well as color-penciled ones; oil paintings, Realistic Pencil Portraits, Charcoal Pencil Sketch, Caricatures, Couple portraits or acrylic colors when it comes down to carves/portraits - all those things you can see here at portraitsmaker.com.

Being one of the best portrait artists in Delhi, do come to our store near you, and I will make your day with amazing pencil sketches!

Sketch for Gift is a studio in South Delhi that specializes in making portraits and paintings just as you want them. You can get your portrait prepared within hours, not days or weeks- depending on how much time we have!

As a challenge to find the perfect gift, it can be hard sometimes. But when you know who is special and deserves an amazing present more than anyone else in your life - give them something that will last forever! Give someone what they always wanted but never seemed possible: A beautiful sketch of their own portrait done by a one-of-a-kind artist from Delhi India. It's time for all those people out there looking just as good on paper or canvas because of us-the best Sketch Artists around town (we also offer custom-drawn pictures).

Benefits of Gifting Sketch to your loved ones –

Give your loved ones a gift they will always cherish by surprising them with an original pencil sketch.

A handmade thing is an artwork that can be used to decorate the home. The memory of this gift will remain forever etched in their mind and it enhances love with family members too! A portrait could become a wall decoration or table accessory- wherever you place them, they'll look amazing because every artist has different styles so there's always something new around whenever someone walks into your room. What better way than buying sketches from local artists who rely on sales like yours for survival? It might just make somebody happy while also supporting his/her talent - isn't that what we all want anyway?

If you want to experience the true magic of a live artist at work? Then, drop in at my studio with a prior appointment. To book an appointment Call +91- 7503602684


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