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We welcome you friends in our website Sketch for Gift, here portrait of pencil portrait sketch painting and acrylic color painting is made. We also have 25 years of experience artist Rajesh Kumar who will make your beautiful portraits with great skill and depth. We make painting portraits sketch very quickly. We have most girlfriends and parents to make portraits for them. There are lots of sketch art and portrait artists inside the customers. We are one of them. Our portraits are sent abroad, we make pencil sketches and paintings very efficiently, we understand the spirit that we understand the feelings of the customer and make the portrait painting mentioned by them very seriously.

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When we make a painting, we try to bring a full feel to it so that the painting portraits emerge, we also take care of the color. The portraits are filled according to the painting, so that the portraits are beautifully blended. We are more interested in making realistic portraits. Most of our realistic portraits are liked by most customers. We also make pencil portraits well and of oil painting. We also work, we need some time for oil painting, like 7 to 10 days it takes us to make oil painting. Because the process of oil painting is very long, it takes about 7 - 10 days for us to make oil painting and it takes 10 to 12 days for the painting to dry, we take care that there is no dust in the painting, so we The painting is very carefully kept in the studio to dry in its own studio, due to this the painting takes some time to dry but we will get the pencil portrait very soon Let's make it, we have the size 12x16 inch and 15 x20 inch, 18x2 4 inch, 24x36 inch size, the customer can get his portrait made according to his size, the customer can also order us by giving his size. We will make the portrait according to the size, friends, we hope that you will agree with our talk, if you are willing to get the portrait done, then you will see our studio in Sarojini Nagar in Delhi. We also order our customers to make portraits out of India, we will send them their portraits through couriers. The courier charge has to be given to the customer. Anything ripped, chopped or wet in the Korean while courier except the code red charge. If there is damage, then it will be the responsibility of the courier service. You can talk to them, we will give you the courier ID. The portrait can track where their product has just been or where it has reached. You have to think about all these things before placing an order, whatever information we are telling you, how will the price of the portrait be there? You will find our words right, you come to our studio or send your photograph by mail or whatsapp, we will make your portrait very beautiful and attractive Will make the world. Thank you

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