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Best Portrait Artist In Delhi - Hello friends my name is rajesh kumar and i am a commission portrait artist my art studio is in delhi india i do portrait, pencil sketch, color pencil portrait, realistic pencil portrait and acrylic color painting and oil painting on commission basis if you If you are looking at me outside India then you can order me to make a portrait, I will send you your beautiful portrait to your home through courier, you just have to pay extra courier money, if someone is watching me from Delhi then you can send me your own you can order i will make you very beautiful portrait you can contact me through my whatsapp or my email thank you.Friends, today I would like to give you some information about Dilli Haat, Delhi Haat is in front of the mirror market and near Delhi Haat, AIIMS Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital, both these hospitals are included in the very famous hospitals of India, friends, Delhi Haat, Government of India. It has been created as a security for all the artists, here all types of artists exhibit their art, whatever the exhibition or what happens in Dilli Haat, all the artists who perform their art in this exhibition are in Delhi. Some are coming out of Kolkata, some are coming from Bihar, Kolkata, Gujarat, Punjab, Mumbai, it is operated through the handicraft of the Government of India, before coming here, all the artists have to follow some rules. Like they have a government I card made, to make an I card, they have to demonstrate their art, after seeing the performance of this art, their I card is made, with this I card, the artist goes to his state office and gives an application, where he to show his art That place may be Bihar, Kolkata or Jammu and Kashmir, here some money has to be paid, wherever that artist wants to perform, friends, in this Dilli Haat, I have done live sketching work for 15 years, open me here Stall was given for which rent was charged from me, first I paid ₹ 300 per 15 days for 15 days friends, it is a matter of 2003 when I came here and did live sketching work. 

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