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Mahashay Dharampal Gulati is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Famous for its spice flavors around the world. In the advertisement, the king of the spice world is known as 'Masala King'. He was founded by the world-renowned MDH (Mahasia di Hatti) Masala Company Group. Today, there is a business of MDH issues in Dubai and London besides India.

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Elder King Dharam Pal Gulati, who is called the "Spice King", the king of the spices world, is known worldwide for his spice flavors. The life of 95 year old Masala King has been very volatile. Mahashyya Chunnilal, father of Mahasri Dharmapala Gulati, had a shop in Sialkot (Pakistan) named 'Mahasaya Di Hatti'. At the time of Partition of India, the family had settled in Karol Bagh, Delhi from Sialkot.

When Dharampal reached Karol Bagh, he had only 1500 rupees in his pocket. Out of these 1500 rupees he got from his father, Dharmapal Gulati for 650 rupees bought a horse and a tanga and thus Dharmapala Gulati became Tangwala. He used to run his Tanga on the Qutub Road in Delhi. But this work did not take long for the mind and he decided to restart his ancestral business chilli spices business called Mahashian Di Hatti which today became a big brand in the spices world by the name of MDH. Already happened.



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