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Drawing is one of the oldest forms of showing human expression, Evidence of its existence predates written communication It is believed that even before the invention of written language, drawing was used exclusively in communication, 
Demonstrated by the production of cave and rock paintings of about 30000 years ago. These drawings known as pictograms, depicted objects and obstract concepts. The sketches and paintings produced by Neolithic times were eventually stylised and simplified in to symbol systems (proto-writing) and eventually into early writing systems. Before the widespread availability of paper, 12th-century monks used drawings of intricate in European monasteries to prepare illustrated, illuminated manuscripts on vellum and parchment. Drawing has also been used extensively in the field of science, as method of discovery, understanding and explanation. Drawing diagrams of observations is an important part of scientific study. In 1609, astronomer Galileo Galilei explained the changing phases of Venus and also the sunspots through his observational telescopic drawings. In 1924, geophysicist Alfred Wegener used illustrations to visually demonstrate the origin of the continents. Drawing is used to express one's creativity, and that's why it has been prominent in the art worldworld , Drawing has been considered the foundation of artistic practice throughout history. Initially, artists used wooden tablets to create their any art.
In the 14th century, due to the widespread availability of paper , the use of drawing in the arts increased. At this point, drawing was commonly used as a tool for thought and investigation, acting as a study medium whilst artists were preparing for their final pieces of work. The Renaissance brought about a great sophistication in drawing techniques, Enabling  the artists to represent things more realistically than before, and Revealling an interest in geometry and philosophy. The invention of the first widely available form of photography led to a shift in the hierarchy of the arts.[16] Photography offered an alternative to drawing as a method for accurately representing visual phenomena, and traditional drawing practice was given less emphasis as an essential skill for artists, particularly so in Western society.

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