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Rajesh Kumar - Delhi's Best Sketch Artist

I am Rajesh Kumar, a leading Sketch Artist in South Delhi. I became interested in fine arts at an early age and have been painting ever since then! When playing with colors as a child at the age of...




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The Magic of Portrait Art From the Desk of a Portrait Artist
A portrait painting or drawing depicts the image of a specific person or animal through the use of simple pencil sketch, charcoal or colours. A portrait artist is a person who brings out a live pose or picture into canvas to give it that real appearance. A portrait is an expression of a thought and feelings and emotions of an artist.

Rajesh Kumar – Best portrait artist in Delhi

My name is Rajesh Kumar, a leading and renowned sketch artist in Delhi. Since my childhood I have been keenly interested in fine arts. I started painting from a very little age when I was just 10. The age when children usually play with toys I used to play with colours. The recognition that I received through my school inspired me to work at my passion. I also got invitations for making live sketches, drawing big hoardings and posters. I started my journey as a sketch artist on a regular basis from Dilli Haat and Pragati Maidan.

I am very fortunate to develop my interest and passion into work. Art connects my soul with happiness and satisfaction.

With an attempt to move forward in my passion, I started my own studio in the year 2010 named as “Sketch for Gift” in South Delhi. This studio marked a great beginning for me. Since then, I have successfully made a plethora of sketches for many celebrities and public figures. I have an expertise at preparing Realistic Pencil Portraits, Colour Pencil Portraits, Oil Colour Paintings, Charcoal Pencil Sketch, Acrylic Colour Portrait, Caricatures and Couple portraits. Moving ahead this way, I have earned this status of being one of the best portrait artists in Delhi.

I have made paintings of big celebrities like Tom Alter, Kapil Dev, and many of my celebrity friends before I got my studio prepared. I love to capture realistic moments on canvas making it look so natural. Having a background of non-artists in my family, I have started it from scratch and built this admirable studio.

Searching for a sketch artist near me to get my best portrait done?

In today's period, "Sketch for Gift" in South Delhi is a leading studio that specialises in creating portraits and paintings in a short period of time. We can create and deliver a portrait in a matter of hours.

A unique gift to your loved one can be this portrait made by the best Pencil artist.

It becomes difficult to pick a gift for someone. You might end up spending a lot of time choosing a special gift for someone. Nothing can be much better than gifting a sketch made by one of the best Sketch Artist in Delhi. Providing the sketch to your near and dear ones becomes a heart touching
moment that becomes special to that person to whom you are connected.

To get the best sketch done you can directly come over to our studio or drop us your high quality image to our studio if coming over and maintaining that pose becomes difficult for you.

Looking for a portrait artist near me to gift someone special?

Create that special moment by gifting a portrait 
Everyone loves to see their own picture, and when you surprise them with a handmade pencil sketch, they are surely going to love it. Everyone hangs on and stands near that artist who is making the portrait. A handmade pencil sketch is worth stealing the heart of the person for whom you want to give something special.

This gift will remain forever in the heart of the one to whom you will give it. There will be beautiful memories attached when this portrait is looked at. Decorating walls through these pencil sketches made by the cream sketch artist enhances the beauty of your wall and becomes a centre of
attraction to the living room.

Looking for a sketch artist near me
If you want to experience the true magic of a live artist at work, Drop in at my studio with a prior appointment. To book an appointment Call +91- 7503602684

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