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Sketches & Pencil Sketch

As always, here are the services provided by our Art Studio - Portraits Maker, Sketch for Gift and Portrait Painting: I am Rajesh Kumar As a Portrait Artist, I specialize in creating beautiful and captivating portraits that capture the essence of the subject and Enhances the beauty of the painting. Friends, whether you are in Sarojini Nagar Delhi or searching on Google for "Sketch Artist Near Me". "I am conveniently located to get your artistic color pencil sketch, army pencil sketch, blood painting, pet portrait done. Are you wondering about the cost of hiring a pencil sketch artist for several days? Sketch for At Gifts, Art Studio, I would like to offer competitive pricing for all of your and your friends' sketching, realistic portrait needs. Friends, if you are interested in me for pencil sketches or pencil art, PortraitsMaker is top notch. I am here to provide pencil artwork that showcases your uniqueness. My expertise extends to various different art forms, including drawing, sketch art and pencil art drawing, children sketch, children sketch drawing, sketch for girlfriend. You can also find me at Dilli Haat, a very famous art venue, where I continue to create mind-blowing drawings, live sketches and paintings at any time of the year. Explore the world of portraits with an online sketch artist who Provides free consultation and services to you and bring your ideas to life. Looking for "pencil sketch near me" or "pencil art near me"? Look no further! The Art Café is your, your family's and your local source for excellent pencil art. If you or someone you know needs a painting artist or portrait artist, I, Rajesh Kumar, am always here to fulfill your artistic wishes. And if you are interested in unique art like blood art painting, I am proficient in this art as well. Discover with me a beautiful world of blood painting art. Please feel free to explore my portfolio, contact me for a commissioned portrait sketch, or visit my art studio Portraits Maker - Sketch for Gift located in Sarojini Nagar, Delhi for an unforgettable artistic experience. Thank you for all your art needs and for visiting my website.

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Sketch Artist Near Me With Price -

We all understand that finding an affordable painting artist is essential. In our guide we will give you details about all the sketch artists in different cities near you as well as their pricing creations ranging from budget friendly options to all the premium artists. We have something for every art lover.

We welcome you to PortraitsMaker.com, our art studio for excellent pencil sketches and portraits - Sketch for Gift. Our skilled artists here specialize in bringing your vision to life with pencil sketches, portrait paintings, color pencil sketches and more. Whether you're looking for a sketch artist near you or a portrait painting artist in your area, you'll be happy to know that we've got you covered. Check out our art studio if you want to discover stunning artwork and find the perfect art studio to beautify or decorate your home or office or gift to your parents, girlfriends. Friends, trust PortraitsMaker.com to fulfill all your artistic visions, with transparent pricing and exceptional quality.


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Our Studio

Sketch Artist Delhi, Portrait Artist

Sketch Artist- Pencil Sketch Online

1. **Sketch Artist in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi**
  Looking for a talented sketch artist in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi? Discover skilled artists who can bring your ideas to life through their pencil strokes. Get exquisite portrait sketches and artwork at competitive prices.

2. **Sketch Artist in Jor Bagh, Delhi with Price**
  Find a skilled sketch artist in Jor Bagh, Delhi who not only captures your essence in sketches but also offers transparent pricing. Unleash your creativity and commission your artwork with confidence.

3. **Portrait Artist in Defense Colony, Delhi**
  In Defense Colony, Delhi, you can find a portrait artist who specializes in creating stunning, lifelike portraits. Bring your moments to life through the skillful hands of these artists.

4. **Sketch Artist in Defense Colony, Delhi**
  Defense Colony is home to skilled sketch artists who can turn your ideas into beautiful sketches. Express yourself through pencil and paper with the help of these talented individuals.

5. **Top Sketch Painting Artist in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi**
  Hauz Khas Village boasts top-notch sketch painting artists who can transform your visions into artistic masterpieces. Experience the creativity and vibrancy of this artistic neighborhood.

6. **Sketch Artist in Hauz Khas, Delhi**
  Explore the creative hub of Hauz Khas, Delhi, and discover sketch artists who can breathe life into your ideas with their intricate drawings and sketches.

7. **Top Portrait Artist in Model Town 1, Delhi**
  Model Town 1, Delhi, is home to top portrait artists who excel in creating captivating and personalized portraits. Let these artists help you capture cherished moments.

8. **Sketch Painting Artist in Model Town 2, Delhi**
  If you're in Model Town 2, Delhi, and seeking sketch painting artists, you'll find experienced individuals who can turn your concepts into stunning artworks.

9. **Top Sketch Painting Artist in Model Town 3, Delhi**
  Model Town 3, Delhi, features top sketch painting artists known for their creativity and artistic expertise. Transform your ideas into remarkable works of art.

10. **Sketch Artist in New Friends Colony**
   Find a sketch artist in New Friends Colony who can craft unique and captivating sketches that resonate with your ideas and visions.

11. **Portrait Sketch Artist in New Friends Colony**
   New Friends Colony boasts portrait sketch artists who can skillfully translate your thoughts into beautiful, personalized artwork.

12. **Sketch Painting Artist in Panchsheel Park Vihar, Malviya Nagar, Delhi**
   In Panchsheel Park Vihar, Malviya Nagar, you'll discover skilled sketch painting artists who can create intricate and visually stunning artworks.

13. **Top Sketch Painting Artist in Panchsheel Park, Delhi**
   Panchsheel Park, Delhi, is home to top sketch painting artists who can turn your concepts into remarkable visual expressions.

14. **Portrait Artist in Nizamuddin**
   Find a talented portrait artist in Nizamuddin who can capture your essence in a portrait, creating a timeless piece of art.

15. **Best Portrait Artist in Nizamuddin West, Portrait Artist Services**
   Discover the best portrait artists in Nizamuddin West offering top-notch portrait artist services that can transform your moments into enduring artworks.

16. **Portrait Artist in Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, Nizamuddin, Delhi**
   Explore portrait artists near Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station in Nizamuddin, Delhi, and let them create personalized and emotive portraits.

17. **Sketch Artist in Punjabi Bagh**
   Seek out a skilled sketch artist in Punjabi Bagh who can bring your ideas to life through the intricate strokes of their pencil.

18. **Portrait Sketch Artist in Punjabi Bagh**
   In Punjabi Bagh, you'll find portrait sketch artists who can craft personalized and visually engaging portraits that tell your story.

19. **Top Sketch Painting Artists in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi**
   Punjabi Bagh features top sketch painting artists known for their creative prowess. Commission them to turn your ideas into stunning artwork.

20. **Top Portrait Artists in Greater Kailash, Delhi-NCR**
   Greater Kailash, Delhi-NCR, is home to top portrait artists who excel in creating captivating and personalized portraits. Let these artists help you capture cherished moments.

21. **Top Sketch Painting Artists in Greater Kailash, Delhi**
   Discover top sketch painting artists in Greater Kailash, Delhi-NCR, who can transform your concepts into remarkable works of art.

Best Portrait Artist In Delhi - Delhi's famous portrait painting artist, Rajesh Kumar. Rajesh Kumar ji has over 25 years of experience in making pencil portraits. Rajesh Kumar is a Professional Portrait Painting Artist. He has made about 30,000 portrait painting sketches in his life. Their customers are abroad. He is also the best portrait sketch artist in Delhi.

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sketch artist, portrait sketch artist near me

Photo To Sketch - Pencil Sketch Artist Near Me

Best Sketch Artist In Delhi -
Very beautiful and attractive lady. I have made this picture of actress and Padma Bhushan Mrs. Sharmila Tagore very skillfully.  I have depicted her beauty through my pencil. By the picture. Sharmila Tagore ji is as beautiful and talented as an actress, my pencil is not capable of showing her talent. Still friends, I have tried to make her portrait with my pencil.  Friends, many artists in India and in many other countries have tried to make Sharmila Tagore's portrait, pencil sketch and oil painting and they have also succeeded.  I have also tried to make his beautiful pencil drawing portrait.Sharmila Tagore ji has entertained us for many decades through her films! She has worked in films in Hindi language, Bangla language and many other languages.  His maternal grandfather's national anthem, 'Jana Gana Mana', poet and playwright Rabindranath Tagore ji has given India's national anthem, 'Jana Gana Mana', which we are singing till now.  Friends, I have been crazy about Sharmila Tagore's beauty since childhood, so I have tried to make a beautiful drawing of her.  I have tried to show the pit in their cheeks with my pencil shading and I have tried to show their smile through pencil shading.  If I wanted, I could have made a portrait of Sharmila Tagore ji in other medium like oil painting, acrylic painting, but I thought of making a pencil portrait because I can show the beauty of Sharmila Tagore ji very well through pencil portrait.  Because with the help of charcoal pencil, you can do very fine detailing even on very fine places because charcoal pencil lead is very small, you can work finely in eyes, nose, lips, hair.  Pencil shading is also done very well.  All this portrait is not found in oil painting.  Hope you guys like this drawing pencil portrait of mine.  Friends, my portrait studio is in Sarojini Nagar, Delhi.  You can order your pencil portrait by visiting our studio.  We make pencil portraits very quickly and in good quality.  Or you search us in google?  Sketch Artist Near Me, Portrait Artist in Delhi and Sketch Artist in Delhi.  Thank you!

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portrait Maker near me, pencil sketch artist near me

Portrait Artist- Portrait Artist Near Me

When you draw a line on the paper with your pencil, Then the tip of the pencil leaves a few material on the surface of the paper, a line appears.Generally, sketch artist, portrait artist, use cartridge paper to make sketches, pencil drawing, sketch, colour pencil Sketch with a pencil.Apart from this, portrait artists also use other materials such as cardboard, wood, plastic, leather canvas and board.Well we can make pencil sketch portrait in blackboard or whiteboard.Pencil drawing has been very popular since human history because it shows the expression of human life.  It is the easiest and most efficient way to express your thoughts and feelings.Artistic material has become common in today's time, due to which artistic activities have become common in the world. Apart from pencil portrait color sketch,charcoal Pencil Portrait, charcoal Pencil drawing, colour sketch, pencil sketch etc , this art is also used in illustration, animation,  architecture, engineering and technical drawing.Whenever a sketch is made quickly on paper, Generally it is freehand, which is mostly incomplete, it is called a sketch.An artist who is currently practicing or working in technical drawing is called a drafter, draftsman or draughtsman.

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portrait maker, portrait maker near me

Photo To Pencil Sketch Online - Sketch Art

Best Sketch Artist Near Me - Friends, portrait artist or sketch artist near me in Delhi, you search on google, when the search result comes, a portrait artist also comes in the portrait sketch artist list.  The meaning of saying friends is that there are many portrait sketch artists in Delhi or outside Delhi.  Which create different mediums like pencil sketch, live portrait, acrylic color painting, oil color painting, pencil shading, pencil sketch and other types of portraits.  The price of making a portrait of all these artists is different.  Who has more experience in making portraits, He overcharges his price!  But friends, there are many artists who have less experience in making portraits, but they charge very high prices.  The customer does not know this.  When the portrait is made, the customer gets to know only by looking at the quality of the portrait!  The meaning of saying friends is that whenever you search any portrait sketch artist in Google, then definitely see his rating and his experience, his original work.  Only then order pencil portraits.  Friends, Rajesh Kumar, I have 30 years of experience.  You can order me by looking at my rating on Google.  Friends, I make Realistic Pencil Portrait and Pencil Sketch Color Pencil Portrait very beautifully!  You can count on me. You can send me your photograph via WhatsApp mail or other!  Can send through social site.  I will make you a very beautiful portrait.

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Happy Customers

Sketch Artist Near Me | Satisfied And Happy Customers


This guy did his job very well. He did a painting for Us, i need to get that in 🇨🇦🇨🇦. He shipped also. Definitely recommended ❤️❤️

Neeraj Mishra
Neeraj Mishra

"Rajesh, the sketch artist, is truly exceptional at his craft. With meticulous attention to detail and an innate ability to capture the essence of his subjects, his sketches breathe life onto the paper. Each stroke tells a story, each shading adds depth, making his portraits come alive. Whether it's a portrait of a loved one or a cherished memory, Rajesh's work is bound to leave you in awe. His talent and dedication shine through in every piece, making him a must-visit for anyone seeking timeless artistry." Highly recommended

Santa Banta
Santa Banta

I had placed an order for a pencil sketch portrait. The order was completed within 2 days. Excellent service and great finish. I would recommend everyone to go for it of you're looking for a world class sketch and paintings.

oaj shrivastava
Oaj Shrivastava

Master Rajesh Ji has done a spectacular customisation . I have been privileged that i found him all by luck. Many hearty thanks for keeping my emotions alive through your connosseuristic art work. The execution for the emotions which i couldn't explain in words, you have understood all through heart. The gravity of detailing through your single brushstroke is unbeatable. Would be recommending all over across about your glinting demeanour. May god bless you for your immense hard work. May you go worldwide & show your Indian intricacies. 🙏

Sneha Khatri
Sneha Khatri

Excellent work by him... Recently I have customised a sketch from him . Really I didn't have to wait for long .. less time great work.. thanks.


Special Offers

Welcome to our website's homepage! At Sketch for Gift, we're delighted to welcome you with a world of captivating artistic offers. Our studio, nestled in the heart of Sarojini Nagar, Delhi, is your gateway to a realm of artistic wonders.Discover an array of enticing artistic services that cater to your every desire. From exquisite Charcoal, Pencil, and Color Portraits to the masterful strokes of Pencil, Portrait Oil, and Acrylic Color creations, we have it all.What sets us apart is our commitment to affordability and speed. We take pride in providing you with high-quality portraits at the most competitive prices. Need a pencil sketch in a hurry? Our artists excel at crafting stunning pencil sketches swiftly, without compromising on quality.At Sketch for Gift, we turn your ideas into stunning works of art. Join us on this creative journey, and let's bring your artistic dreams to life. Welcome to a world of artistic brilliance!

As you navigate our website, you'll find a treasure trove of artistic inspiration and options. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:Diverse Artistry: Our skilled artists are well-versed in various mediums, ensuring that your vision can be expressed in the style that suits you best. Whether it's the depth of Charcoal, the precision of Pencil, or the vibrancy of Color, we've got you covered.Personalized Creations: We understand that every portrait holds a special place in your heart. That's why we're dedicated to crafting custom pieces that capture the essence of your subject, whether it's a loved one, a cherished memory, or a beloved pet.Affordability: Quality art shouldn't break the bank. Our competitive pricing ensures that you can adorn your space with beautiful artwork without straining your budget.Swift Turnaround: Time is of the essence, especially when you're eager to see your vision come to life. Our team prides itself on delivering your artwork promptly, so you can enjoy your masterpiece without delay.Visit Us: If you're in Delhi, we invite you to visit our studio in Sarojini Nagar. Witness the creative process firsthand, consult with our artists, and experience the magic of art in person.Contact Us: Have questions or special requests? Feel free to reach out to us via our contact information on the website. Our friendly team is here to assist you every step of the way.At Sketch for Gift, we believe that art has the power to enrich lives and bring joy to your world. Explore our website further, and let your artistic journey begin. Welcome to a place where imagination knows no bounds, and creativity thrives!

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Delhi's Best Sketch Artist

Rajesh Kumar - Delhi's Best Sketch Artist

I am Rajesh Kumar, a leading Sketch Artist in South Delhi. I became interested in fine arts at an early age and have been painting ever since then! When playing with colors as a child at the age of...




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Sketch Artist Near Me - Sketch Artist Online, Portrait Artist

Best Sketch Artist in New Delhi - 
Friends, if you are looking for the best portrait sketch artist in Sarojini Nagar or New Delhi, Greater Noida, then don't go anywhere. Our comprehensive guide will lead you to the most talented portrait sketch artist in Sarojini Nagar and New Delhi who can create excellent pencil sketches and portraits. Whether you are looking for a sketch artist near you in your city or want to know about their prices and their services, we will take you there. Let's start an artistic journey with portrait sketch artist Rajesh Kumar. with
Sketch Artist in Delhi -
Discover a treasure trove of skilled portrait, painting sketch artists in the vibrant city of Delhi, India. These artists boast of extraordinary talent and skilled creativity. He skillfully captures the essence of his subjects through his pencil sketches and oil paintings. From portrait sketches to any type of design, he can transform your vision into captivating artwork.
Sketch Artist Near Me -
Friends, you do not need to go far to find a talented sketch artist. We have prepared a curated list of many such portrait artists. Which is easily available around your city. Whether you live in a crowded city or in a crowded place in Delhi or in a quiet outskirts, you will find these portrait artists just at a short distance who can bring your ideas to life in the picture given by you. Ready to sketch alive on paper.

pencil Sketch Artist Near Me:
If the timeless elegance of pencil sketches appeals to you, you're in for a treat! Discover pencil sketch artists in Delhi who masterfully create intricate and emotive artwork with their pencils. Be it a personalized portrait or a cherished memory, these artists will beautifully etch it on paper.

Sketch Drawing Near Me:
When it comes to sketch drawings, precision and creativity go hand in hand. Our guide will direct you to local sketch artists who possess a keen eye for detail, producing stunning drawings that capture every nuance of their subjects. Immerse yourself in their world of sketching excellence.

Pencil Artist Near Me:
Pencil artistry requires a unique blend of skill and imagination. Uncover pencil artists in Delhi who have honed their craft to perfection. From delicate shading to bold strokes, these artists can create mesmerizing pencil art that will leave you in awe.

Drawing Artist Near Me:
For those seeking diverse styles of drawings, our guide introduces you to talented drawing artists near you. Embracing various techniques and themes, these artists showcase their versatility through breathtaking artwork. Explore their portfolios and find the one that resonates with your artistic preferences.

Delhi houses a multitude of gifted sketch artists and drawing masters, each with their own distinctive touch. Whether you want to immortalize a cherished memory or gift a custom sketch to a loved one, these artists will surpass your expectations with their talent and passion. Delight in the world of sketch artistry, right at your doorstep!

The Magic of Portrait Art From the Desk of a Portrait Artist
A portrait painting or drawing depicts the image of a specific person or animal through the use of simple pencil sketch, charcoal or colours. A portrait artist is a person who brings out a live pose or picture into canvas to give it that real appearance. A portrait is an expression of a thought and feelings and emotions of an artist.

Rajesh Kumar – Best portrait artist in Delhi

My name is Rajesh Kumar, a leading and renowned sketch artist in Delhi. Since my childhood I have been keenly interested in fine arts. I started painting from a very little age when I was just 10. The age when children usually play with toys I used to play with colours. The recognition that I received through my school inspired me to work at my passion. I also got invitations for making live sketches, drawing big hoardings and posters. I started my journey as a sketch artist on a regular basis from Dilli Haat and Pragati Maidan.

I am very fortunate to develop my interest and passion into work. Art connects my soul with happiness and satisfaction.

With an attempt to move forward in my passion, I started my own studio in the year 2010 named as “Sketch for Gift” in South Delhi. This studio marked a great beginning for me. Since then, I have successfully made a plethora of sketches for many celebrities and public figures. I have an expertise at preparing Realistic Pencil Portraits, Colour Pencil Portraits, Oil Colour Paintings, Charcoal Pencil Sketch, Acrylic Colour Portrait, Caricatures and Couple portraits. Moving ahead this way, I have earned this status of being one of the best portrait artists in Delhi.

I have made paintings of big celebrities like Tom Alter, Kapil Dev, and many of my celebrity friends before I got my studio prepared. I love to capture realistic moments on canvas making it look so natural. Having a background of non-artists in my family, I have started it from scratch and built this admirable studio.

Searching for a sketch artist near me to get my best portrait done?

In today's period, "Sketch for Gift" in South Delhi is a leading studio that specialises in creating portraits and paintings in a short period of time. We can create and deliver a portrait in a matter of hours.

A unique gift to your loved one can be this portrait made by the best Pencil artist.

It becomes difficult to pick a gift for someone. You might end up spending a lot of time choosing a special gift for someone. Nothing can be much better than gifting a sketch made by one of the best Sketch Artist in Delhi. Providing the sketch to your near and dear ones becomes a heart-touching moment that becomes special to that person to whom you are connected.

To get the best sketch done you can directly come over to our studio or drop us your high-quality image to our studio if coming over and maintaining that pose becomes difficult for you.

Looking for a portrait artist near me to gift someone special?

Create that special moment by gifting a portrait 
Everyone loves to see their own picture, and when you surprise them with a handmade pencil sketch, they are surely going to love it. Everyone hangs on and stands near that artist who is making the portrait. A handmade pencil sketch is worth stealing the heart of the person for whom you want to give something special.

This gift will remain forever in the heart of the one to whom you will give it. There will be beautiful memories attached when this portrait is looked at. Decorating walls through these pencil sketches made by the cream sketch artist enhances the beauty of your wall and becomes a centre of attraction to the living room.

This Sketch artist in Gurgaon spells perfection with his colour palettes. In his hazy, dreamlike landscape paintings, he transforms pencil sketches into unbelievable scenery.  The scenes draw the viewer in, creating a flawless feeling of the ephemeral. His fine artwork is breathtaking. And what would be a better way to hang a portrait that speaks itself.

If you search for the best sketch artist near me, you can avail our best services. Get perfect, unique, and memorable moments sketched today. If you're looking for a present that will remember your loved one forever and preserve its value for years, a sketch is an excellent option.

Looking for a sketch artist near me
If you want to experience the true magic of a live artist at work, Drop in at my studio with a prior appointment. To book an appointment Call +91- 7503602684

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