Water Colour Portrait

The process of watercolor painting is also like oil color painting, for this we use water cotton bar and watercolor, the way oil color painting is made, in the same way watercolor painting is also made, the only difference is of color.  And after some time watercolor painting dries up after 10 to 15 minutes but oil color painting dries properly in at least 15 days, friends, watercolor painting is a bit difficult, the process of making because in watercolor you have more  Don't get a chance to make our mistake if we can't run second watercolor stroke on watercolor color stroke if you have to run second watercolor stroke over watercolor stroke then you have to run stroke many times in this way watercolor  of is created.  Friends, after making watercolor, a very attractive painting looks.  Those who like Epstack painting, they love watercolor painting because its strokes are like modern painting.

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